Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Water Village Tour

I had a wonderful water village tour last Saturday with our company guest from Melbourne. I always thought to myself, is there any interesting place in Brunei that I can bring my visitor to visit.

I only realise that Brunei have so many wonderful places to visit ever since I brought one of my friends from Kuching who have never step foot in Brunei. First thing came to my mine, where can I bring him? I suddenly thought of the Royal Regalia which I have not visited for over 10 years now. We went there and was so amazed of the collection and history of the Royal Families. Then later, i brought him to Brunei Museum in Kota Batu. That was a disappointment. Went there and the air conditioner wasn't working. Apparently, the air-con have not been working for few months! We didn't stay long there cos it was too hot. Then drove him along Jalan kota Batu and then later stop at one of the malay restaurant in Kiulap to try Ambuyat! I was surprised that he really enjoy it... hehe...That was in December 2007.

Last Saturday, I did the same thing to my Melbourne guest (Lisa). Brought her for lunch at Portview and later walk to the Royal Regalia. I have become a tourist in my own country and also her tour guide for that day..nice isn't it?! It was kinda embarrassing though when I mistaken the Secretariat Office as the post office..hehe..

After the Royal Regalia, we walk back to Portview where we catch the boat that we have booked for our water village tour. The tour guide was just a teenager and he can answer the questions that Lisa asked about the water village and wild life. While Lisa busy asking questions to the tour guide, I was busy snapping photos. It was nice to see a closer view of the Istana, although it was just the roof and dome.

The boat driver then brought us to a place where most of the wildlife can be seen. The tour guide will point to us if he see any wild life. The first wildlife we saw was the Proboscis monkey! Good thing I brought my Canon SLR camera with Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM. I managed to catch quite a close up of the monkey. I totally forgot to bring my binocular otherwise Lisa could have seen the monkey easily. We stayed there for few minutes and we were told that the Proboscis monkey have a shy character unlike those common monkey where it will attack us! hehe... We then move on with the boat ride and we saw monitor lizards and snakes. I was hoping to see the crocodiles but it never appear. Lisa wasn't that excited about crocodiles though.

Towards the end of our wild life tour, we managed to see the Proboscis monkey in a closer view. They were in fact wondering outside someone backyard. We went down from the boat and I managed to snap some close up of the monkey. I always wanted to see a Proboscis monkey and finally saw one and also manage to snap some picture of it.

After we had enough of the monkey, we then head back to the water village and we were brought to the tour guide's house to have a look of a typical water village house. Lisa was really amazed with the house and wondering how they managed to keep the house so clean. The tour guide showed us around the house and also their 'Garage'. Think about it, how can a water village have a garage? Apparently, the garage is just below the house. There is a small door on the floor and lead us to where they park their boat :)

Just before we visited one of the most favourite part of the house, there were about a dozen of tourist from Korea and Japan touring the house. So being curious, I asked the tour guide if their house always been visited by tourist. He told us that, their house have been visited by tourist for the past 9 years and recently they were on the local news. The most tourist they get in a day is 700 people! Imagine how tiring that can be!

Lisa being Lisa, she mingle around with the Japanese and Korean tourist. They are a bit cheeky and humourous by saying they are still single and wonder if Lisa want to marry them! We just laughed. After the tourist left, we head to the last place of the house where Lisa really can't wait to have a look at it! Look at the picture ^_^

I told her that if she is lucky, she will be able to see the human waste product eaten by the fish "Bedukang".

The ride took us about 2 hours. It was really an amazing ride and really enjoyed it. If anyone of you thinking of bringing your visitors for a boat ride, you can contact Hj. Tarsat at +6738874405.

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