Monday, 21 April 2008

Trip To Sydney from 12-17 April 2008

Compare to the past 3 trips to Sydney that I had, I enjoyed this trip the most cos I managed to go for a proper tour rather than walking around at the city centre.

I went to Sydney with a colleague of mine for our Negotiating Training! Feel kinda insulted when they wanted me to go for this course. Negotiating...who doesn't know how to negotiate! We are asian..we are good at it...hehe...

But after the training..YES I AM REALLY BAD IN NEGOTIATING! hehe...

Arrived Sydney on 12 April 2008 at about 10am Sydney time. Check in to Urban St. Leonard Hotel and rested for awhile. At about 2pm, we decide to go for the city tour using the Hop On & Hop Off Bus. It cost us A$30 which include Bondi Tour and City Tour. We can hop on to the tour bus at any time within the 24 hrs. It was a nice sunny day although the breeze is a bit cold. First, we took the City Tour Bus. We passes by few interesting places which you can see from the pictures I snap. The tour lasted for over 1 hr. Then we hop on to the Bondi Tour. This is the most interesting tour. They bring us around most entertainment area like the casino, sydney opera house and also Bondi Beach. After passing by Bondi Beach, my colleague and I decide to go there tomorrow and spend few hours at the beach.

The weather looks fine on Sunday morning. We took the 10am Hop On & Hop Off Bus to Bondi beach. Along the trip there, the weather started to change. The sky turn dark! Suddenly I see lightning everywhere. What make it worst is that, the bus that I am on is an open top bus! The rain just keep pouring and all of us have to go down to the ground floor to take shelter! Imagine the temperature of the rain! We were really pissed off with this!

So me and colleague decide to spend our time at the Casino, Sky City!! Spend the whole afternoon and part of the evening gambling..hehe..quite fun though. I didn't even realise the time after enjoying myself wasting money on the slot machine! Lost A$20 though.

Monday till Wednesday is basically training training training and finish quite late. By the end of the day, I was drained!

I flew back to Brunei on Thursday. You can see the pictures I took during my trip in sydney here

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