Monday, 23 April 2007

Weekly Activities at Pizza Hut

I'm at Gadong Pizza Hut while doing this blog. Me and my two other friends who want to call themselves SE W880i and SE P910i. Malu lah tu kan reveal their real name. We normally hang around either at London Kebab or RBC or Pizza Hut in Gadong where Mr SE P910i crazy about downloading "stuffs" using his Limewire...and absorbing 90% of the broadband speed!! He is so busy discussing with Mr SE W880i on how to fill up Mr SE P910i application form to study abroad and leaving me all saddddd...hehehe

We normally spend until 10 ish, just before PH closes..hehe..It's good just to hang around with good friends to chit chat and laugh at things even it's not funny!

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