Sunday, 1 February 2009

Wet CNY Trip To Kuala Belait

Today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year and our plan was to head down to Kuala Belait to visit few relatives and also my brothers.

The weather was fine when we left Muara although it was a bit gloomy. Just as we about to leave, my aunt from Kuala Balai called us up and say that we can't go to their place today as their area was flooded to knee height!

Our first stop was at our Lumut house. Obviously we are not there to celebrate CNY..hehe..was there to take some photos of the house as it is vacant and need to rent it out. I was really shock to see the state of the house! It was once a nice, tidy and clean house and once we rented it out to construction contractor, the house look so run down and need lots of work!!! Damn tenants!! Anyway, once everything was done, we head off to my brother's place in KB. On the way there, the rain start to pour..HEAVILY!! It was so heay that we can hardly see the road..and some of the road heading to my brother's place was flooded! Good thing that dad drove his 4 wheeler.

When we leave KB at around 5pm, it was still raining and surprisingly it was dry in bandar! But then later, it started to rain in bandar too..hehehe. I manged to snap some photos of the flood in KB.


faridah said...

very interest wet panorama

Richard From Brunei said...

everywhere is flooded in seria!!

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