Monday, 30 June 2008

Gosh!! I Have Been So Lazy!!

Wow...What's wrong with me?? Why have I not update my blog? Getting bored of it? No stories?

Well, I have a very good reason for not updating my blog lately...the reason is that I have no reason for not updating my blog..hehehe.... I think purely cos I have no story to tell. Nothing much have happen to me lately beside having too many birthday invitation and weekend parties!! Getting bored of it already...and look at me!!..I have gain so much weight!

I have 2 more parties to attend this week. It's a theme party! One of the parties, we have to dress up as Skeleton! Where the HELL I can get a skeleton costume! Unless......I paint myself and look like a skeleton! What do you think?

The other party which will be on Saturday, we have to dress up as ROCKERS! Gosh..this is totally out from my personality..hehehe.. I will have to see what I can do to make myself look like a ROCKER!

That's all for now......

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